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This Web site contains a compilation of more than a thousand consumer finance  columns written by Tony Novak from the 1980s through 2006, updated and reformatted for maximum usefulness today.  New material was added after 2010.

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Health Insurance Questions Index

(dates are added next to the titles of more recent postings)

36 Month Short Term Medical Insurance


Accident rider coverage

Accuracy of medical information

Adopted baby needs fast coverage

Advantages of Secure STM policy

Affordable health insurance options

Affordable health insurance for HSA

Affordable insurance for diabetics

Affordable insurance in Massachusetts

Airmed duplicates insurance coverage

Alternatives to Time Insurance

American Health Shield in WA and MN

American Health Shield for children

American Health Shield details

American Health Shield replacement

Assurant Health policy delivery

AUIC Benefits Association

Availability of Basic Health Insurance

Baby needs insurance for international trip

Bank account for HRA

Basic Health Insurance

Basic Health Insurance Details

Basic Health Insurance for follow-up visits

Basic Health Insurance Enrollment site

Basic Health Insurance is not a primary coverage

Basic Health Insurance over age 65

Basic Health Insurance questions

"Basic Health" plus "Short Term insurance"

What does Basic Health Insurance cover?

When does Basic Health Insurance start?

Does my doctor accept Basic Health Insurance?

Best catastrophic health insurance

Best health plan for self-employed

Best Health Savings Account in Pennsylvania

Best priced health insurance

Best rating for American Health Shield

Best Value Health Insurance

Blue Choice cost comparison

Blue Cross benefits

Blue Cross pricing

Canceling insurance

Celtic enrollment

Celtic Insurance availability

Celtic Insurance customer service

Celtic Post-Grad health insurance

Celticare insurance and related options

Celticare II Insurance

Chamber of Commerce health insurance

Change starting date of insurance

Cheap medical insurance

Checking out Markel Insurance

Children's Health Insurance

Choosing short term health insurance

Co-pay type health plan

COBRA coverage limit

COBRA enrollment

COBRA enrollment cautions  July 31, 2011

COBRA or short term medical?

COBRA vs. short term medical insurance

Coinsurance basics

College Graduates

Comparing Golden Rule Insurance

Competitor Secure 12x3 STM

Confirm American Health Shield coverage

Confirm health insurance enrollment

Consumer-driven health plan defined

Core Health Insurance, no enrollment fee

Core Health Insurance PPO Preferrer Provider

Cost of health insurance

Counter-intuitive insurance advice

Coverage for College Graduate

Coverage for ex-marine

Coverage for intercollegiate athletics

Coverage for sports injuries

Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions

Covering Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Criticism of short term medical insurance

Diabetic, otherwise healthy

Date of birth correction

Declined by Unicare

Declined for Coverage

Declined for Short Term Health Insurance

Declined by BC/BS

Dental Plan for a Family

Details of American Health Shield

Details of Short Term Health Insurance

Diabetic coverage update

Diabetic in Virginia

Diabetic supplies for low income person

Download insurance application

Effect of Declined Health Coverage

Eligibility for health insurance

Eligibility for short term health insurance

Eligibility for student health insurance


Enrollment for doctors supplement insurance

EPO - Exclusive Provider Organization

Expired Medical Insurance

Extending Insurance Coverage

Extend Short Term Medical Insurance

Extending Short Term Medical Insurance

Fast Basic Health Insurance

Fax enrollment for Value Health

Financial rating of Lloyd's medical insurance

Find health insurance to cover pre-existing medical conditions

Finding short term health insurance

Forbes picks best short term medical insurance

Foreign resident U.S. citizen returns

Fortis Health Savings Account

Fortis international health insurance

FSG Short Term Health Insurance

Gastric bypass surgery

Gastric bypass surgery approval

Golden Rule Health Savings Account

Group health insurance for one-person business

Group vs. individual insurance

Health care costs after bypass surgery

Health claim administration costs

Health insurance application by mail

Health insurance application fee

Health insurance between jobs

Health insurance choices

Health insurance companies that cover diabetes

Health insurance complaints

Health insurance coverage for European vacation

Health insurance eligibility problem

Health insurance for college athletes

Health insurance for diabetic in Texas

Health insurance for diabetics

Health insurance for NY graduate student

Health insurance for US immigrants

Health insurance for young mother

Health insurance ID card

Health insurance in Mexico

Health insurance phone number

Health insurance resources for hurricane victims

Health insurance short term

Health insurance under $30?

Health plan for foreigner

Health Savings Accounts as a Tax Shelter

Health Savings Account in Montana

Health Savings Account in New Jersey

Health Savings Account insurance in California

HSA changes for 2007

HSA price goes down when adding child

Health insurance for a type 2 diabetic

Health insurance for a type 2 diabetic (follow-up)

Health navigator

Health Savings Account without fees or commissions

Heart By-Pass

High Blood Pressure

Highest rated HSA insurance

Hospitalization insurance explained

How to cancel a health insurance policy

HRA plan allows for portable benefits

Immigrant Visa health insurance

IMG insurance not available in Florida

Immediate insurance

Immigrant with pre-existing medical conditions

Inbound immigrant enrollment

Inbound immigrant health insurance information

Inbound immigrant insurance price

Inbound Immigrant insurance questions

Information on HSAs

Insurance for trip to the U.S.

Insurance is not available in all states

Insurance after cancer

Insurance application fee

Insurance reimbursement for gym membership

Insurance for 70 year old

Insurance for visiting parents

Insurance resources for diabetics

Insuring Indiana to New York to Connecticut

International medical insurance

International short term health insurance

International Toll-free Support

Interpreting medical information

International Insurance for 2 Months

International ski vacation

Late insurance claim settlement

Length of short term health insurance


List of Health Care Providers

List of Health Savings Accounts

List of medical providers for low cost insurance

Live Support for Health Savings Account

Long Term Health Insurance

Lost Blue Cross ID card

Lost insurance application

Low cost health insurance for children

Low cost alternatives to COBRA coverage

Low cost hospitalization insurance

Lower rate for Georgia insurance

Lower rate for short term medical insurance

Lowest price for short term medical insurance

Lowest priced medical insurance

Mail order medications

Maine to Florida short term insurance

Managing a health savings account

Markel Insurance policy number

Maryland health savings account

Massachusetts affordable health insurance

Massachusetts requires health insurance

Massachusetts short term health insurance

Medicaid limits medication

Medical insurance claim status

Medical savings account contribution

Medical Savings Insurance leaves WV

Medical tourism

Medication for High Blood Pressure

Medigap Insurance

Mega Life problem

Mega Life sued

MedSave in India

Mid-west National Life Insurance

Montana Insurance Guarantee Association

Moving from Texas to Canada

Multiple discount drug cards

NCAA sports competition

New Jersey health insurance for pregnancy

No Prior Insurance

Not Accepted by Humana

"Not Accepted" vs. "Declined"

New supplemental health insurance

New York high risk health insurance

No prior insurance

Not available in New York?

NY Resident from Honduras

Obese health insurance applicant

Obesity treatment in Texas

Office Visits Under Basic Health Insurance

Ohio Blue Cross for Pre-existing medical conditions

Online application without payment

Online life and disability income insurance

Oregon short term health insurance

Otherwise healthy diabetic

Overnight delivery of health insurance ID card

Overnight delivery of international medical insurance

Overweight applicant

Overweight with high blood pressure

Overweight health insurance applicant

Parent signature required for child's insurance

Payment for health insurance

Payment Procedure for Medical Treatment

Pennsylvania affordable health insurance

Phone number for

Post-Katrina health insurance

PPO discount plan

Pre-existing asthma condition

Pre-existing coverage for traveler

Pre-existing coverage under Value Health

Pre-existing medical condition

Pre-existing medical conditions, health insurance with

Pre-existing medical problem

Pre-existing Medical Problem for Immigrant

Pre-existing medical condition insurance while traveling

Pre-existing medical for foreign student

Pregnant International traveler

Pregnancy coverage under hospitalization policy

Prescription drug card with health savings account

Prescription drug discount card

Prescription drug insurance

Prescriptions covered by health savings account

Previously declined for health insurance

Price of overseas health insurance

Problem with risk management plan

Proof of insurance

Purchasing Drugs Online

Qualifying for health insurance

Rate of return on health savings accounts

Rating Health Insurance Companies

Re-apply for Blue Cross

Renewable Health Insurance

Required health insurance for US immigrant

Review of 36 Month Medical Policy

Reviving a short term medical insurance policy

Salary-deducted health insurance

Sam's Club health insurance

Sam's Club health insurance complaint

Secure 12 x 3 STM

Secure 12x3 STM for three year coverage

Advantages of Secure 12 x 3 STM

"Select STM" vs. "Secure STM" vs. "Secure Med"

"SIMPLE" vs. "SECURE" Short Term Medical Insurance

Self-employed health insurance in Florida

Simple short term health insurance

Six year gap before Medicare

Short term health care in New York

Short term health insurance

Short term health insurance denied

Short term health insurance for diabetic

Short term health insurance for graduate

Short term health insurance for foreign wife in New York

Short term health insurance in New Hampshire

Short term HIPAA coverage

Short term insurance with visa

Short term international medical insurance

Short term international plan for senior

Short term medical insurance

Short term medical insurance eligibility

Short term medical insurance in New York

Short term medical insurance in Texas

Simple STM

Social Security disability supplement

Social Security number online

State to state health insurance transfer

Student health insurance rates

Student insurance in New Hampshire

Supplemental health insurance

Supplemental health insurance details

Supplemental health insurance for deductibles

Supplemental health insurance for HSA

Supplemental health insurance for pre-existing condition

Supplemental health insurance in New Jersey

Supplemental health insurance in Texas

Supplemental health insurance questions

Supplemental insurance for adult day care

Supplemental insurance for federal employee

Supplemental insurance for sports camp

Telephone support for

Texas child with downs syndrome

Think short term

Tokyo to Asia to U.S. medical insurance

Transferring Health Savings Account

Travel insurance vs. international medical insurance

Turned Down for being overweight

Underwriting practices and tiered renewal rates

United States Fire Insurance Company, enrollment fee

U.S. Citizen returning to the U.S.

Value Health and Value Med insurance starting dates

ValueHealth doctors

ValueHealth insurance for diabetics

ValueHealth insurance in New York

ValueMed insurance with HSA

ValueMed start date

ValueMed to supplement Medicaid

Value plans combined with Blue Cross

Value plans in New York

Wal-mart health plan

Well Baby Care

Well baby care in child-only policy

Wendy's health savings account

Why short term health insurance

Worldwide health insurance

Worldwide health insurance rates for 2007

Worried about health insurance

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