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Save time and money working with an online accountant

I am pleased to be in my 20th year of helping clients save time and money by handling financial transactions online and delivering my services electronically rather than face-to-face and on paper. Yet not everyone has attained a level of comfort with online technologies. If you have not previously worked with an online accountant before then this page is meant to help make it easy to get started:

The acceptance of online services as the method of delivery by our most trusted medical, legal, and accounting professional advisors might mark the practical arrival of a brave new modern world for many of us. But I am confident that once you've tried it, you will find this service to be far more convenient and efficient.

The simple goal on online accounting service is to improve communications and maintain the quality of the relationship through more frequent and more effective contact and electronic interaction without adding all of the cost that typically accompanies face-to-face services.

The first thing to consider is how you want to communicate with your remote accountant. Some people prefer the telephone; others primarily text. Increasingly, we opt for multi-function web-based platforms with the option for video, document and screen sharing capabilities as needed. Please choose the simplest method of communication that is convenient to you and offers a level of security appropriate for your situation. The information below offers some specific suggestions to help communicate with me.

Voice/video options

Telephone/Text  856-649-4171 is my primary cell phone. Use this for most calls and text messages. I answer directly whenever possible if I am not with another client.

The following four options can be used for voice, video or document sharing:

Skype novak.tony allows telephone, video and document transfer. Click the icon below to initiate a call.

Ichat - first add me to your contacts on iPhone or Ipad or Mac, then initiate a chat.

Google+ hangout allows for document transfer during a video chat. Log into Google+, then start a hangout and invite me.

Foxfire Hello video and document transfer woks with any PC or android device. Launch the Foxfire Browser and then follow the online instructions to launch a video call.

Document transfer options

Secure file portal - request your own private secure and encrypted portal

Cell phone photos - the most common method that clients share short documents.

Scanned PDFs are still the industry standard.

Email - or

Paper - I prefer that you not give me paper documents, especially not original documents. If you do give me an original document, always get a receipt. If necessary, use my mailing address on the footer of this page.

Payment options

Electronic funds Transfer from your bank account to my bank account is preferred. This keeps transaction costs to a minimum. The link to the secure payment processor is included on my emailed invoice. Other payment methods (credit cards) are available on request.


Electronic signatures are valid for all purposes in all states the same as manual signatures. There is no legally prescribed method for handling electronic signatures so the specific method may vary from one application to another. I typically request that you respond to a document via email with the words "SIGNED <YOUR NAME>". The email heading records the date, time, server information and your email account name for identification purposes.

Accounting systems

QuickBooks - Use the "invite accountant" feature using email Increasingly, QuickBooks is used as an open source platform or launching point from which many other financial and business management tools are accessed.

Other accounting systems are handled on an individual basis.



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